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Disney Princess Fever

So this week gone my current obsession is turning disney princesses into text. It’s sounds strange and is actually a lot less difficult than I originally image but still a very slow process none the less.

The first step was of course to choose a song that fit the princess. There’s always at least three songs from any Disney Princess movie that will get any Disney fan singing. My first choice was to do Ariel since a friend of mine loves her and she looked the easiest to do. With so much red hair and her green tale, it made for an easier project start. The original photo (below) was my template.

Ariel from the Little Mermaid

After outlining the photo, filling it, converting it to the proper format and deciding on the song (Part of Your World) it was time to get to work. Aligning words seems simple enough but it actually isn’t. That bit of annoyance though, is what’s makes it so much fun for me. It took about an hour to turn the above colored picture into the below photo. Getting the text to fit where i wanted and giving as much detail to the silhouette took the longest but my little mermaid soundtrack playing in the background helped.

Ariel as text in black and white
Ariel as text in black and white

A black and white version of one of Disney more excitable princesses isn’t very fun to look at though. Who would want to hang something so boring on their wall. The final project though is something I’m very proud of and has a spot in my house already picked out.

FInished Ariel, Princess in Text
FInished Ariel, Princess in Text

Isn’t she pretty and so full of color! For a closer look and more Disney princesses, Check out my etsy page RonohDesigns via the etsy box below. Til Next Time!


Planning for the future

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve take the time to invest my energy in something creative and that’s something that’s not acceptable at all. I’ve finally graduated after way too many years and after all the job hopping I want to settle down and do something with the piece of paper I paid so much for. I’ve got a fair few ideas in mind, the number one being sharing and selling all the little ideas running around in my head with anyone who wants them. I had quite a fun time making so many of my own wedding stationery, why not make something for others.

Today’s work though isn’t for a wedding at all. As the media manager for my church, one of my favorite things I’m in charge of and also the most aggravating, is our monthly calendar. You would think of course that a calendar is quite easy. It’s just a bunch of boxes and lines and numbers.

March Calendar Week One
A screenshot of the first week of a 2015 March calendar.

Everything seems lined up quite nicely. The numbers are all the same size and an equal distance apart. The words are all the same font and centered. The amount of guides, shifting, resizing, distorting and patience to get everything perfect is tedious but for me always worth the effort. In the end you get something you’re generally proud of. Once you’ve gotten everything to the size you need, for one row, copying and pasting makes most of the rest of the work easy. Each row can be repeated and changed and then shifted over to match. The holidays are inserted and the name of the month put on top. All done!

2015 March Calendar
A screenshot of a full 2015 March Calendar.

I love the green in March btw, it’s my favorite color, not to mention my birthday is in March. And for one month I can put aside this calendar and not worry. Until April comes around and everything has to be shifted again but that’s another day. Till next time!

Let’s put a little line and shape in it

Two of my favorite aspects of design other than color are line and shape. A line can be so much more then straight and so much more than just there. In a layout it’s used as a divider but it’s all used to add color. If you zoom far enough out of and InDesign file you can see how the page forms more lines than you thought. It also starts to form shapes that fit together like a puzzle. The story, the headline, the photo captions, all of them are lines and shapes. You see the page in a whole new way you focus on how it’s edges line up and how the photo fits into the design.


In photography line and shapes can also be incorporated. The line of a horizon separates the photo. It gives it structure and leads the eye of the viewer across the page. They also simulate movement. A skyscraper photo, taken from the base leads the eye up and  shows the height and power of the building. Shape can be obvious or abstract. An array of squares all forming rectangles. An outline of curves among squares.

IMG_20140405_084043 20130807_143923 20130813_122248

For more information, check out this link: http://www.digital-photo-secrets.com/tip/2776/visual-design-using-shape-in-photography/

Till next time!

The Process

Have you ever done something a million times before. You get in the habit of doing something a specific way and you’ve learned all the pitfalls and shortcuts.

Being the Layout and Design Manager of a newspaper, I have a process, a way I’ve done stuff for the last three years. I’ve found the best way to get layout done without sacrificing design, creativity or time.

One of those ways is to create the space for the layout based on the length of the unedited stories. Even unedited a story doesn’t change too much once it’s been copy edited. And once every story on a page is placed it gives the best possible idea of where graphic such as photos and ads can be placed. There’s also the matter of photo credits (who a photo is by and what happening in it), the by line (who wrote story), and the story headline. While none of these things might seem very space consuming, the smallest shift of a by line which only consists of the writer name and position, can change the length of a story. The size of a photo will always depend on the space left over from a story.

It’s quite easy to understand that not everyone is going to agree with you’re process. And your way might not always be the best way possible. There is for instance the possibility and unedited story might accidently not be corrected but that would be my fault for not correcting it, a mistake that I have never made. Mostly, because I keep record of what stories have been changed for the edited one or changing the story color till the edited version is placed might be easier for you.

Here’s a look at one of my most recent layouts in progress.

April 14 2014April 14 20142

The Choral Concert picture and Hunger Game story photos are both relative in size to their story sizes. The Choral Concert’s story is also more important so it’s photo is a bit bigger. I take these things into account when design the a layout.

While my way might not be the best way, it’s the way I like doing it for now. I’m always open to new ideas!

Till next time!