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Moana Addiction

So if you haven’t watched Moana by now, you REALLY need to get up and get to it. I have a very active 9 month old so it took me a while but that means no more excuse for anyone else. I seriously LOVE this movie though. I normally listen to the album of whatever art I’m currently working on while I work on it but I’ve been listening to the Moana Soundtrack on repeat in my car and house. Even my husband is singing the song. We’re mostly addicted to I am Moana and Thank You.

So needless to say I had a lot of fun making this new print. The colors are very fun and different than other prints I’ve done and in my opinion definitely has an island feel to it.

If you love this print as much as me be sure to check it out in my Etsy shop. Moana is Available now!






Mickey loves Minnie and so do I

“Ah… Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Oh! Look Daisy! Mickey and I have the same last name! Ah… “-Minnie Mouse

I make a lot of Disney inspired prints, ALOT, because I love Disney and what’s more Disney than Mickey and Minnie. Mind you, there aren’t a lot of Mickey and Minnie quotes that aren’t from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. Most of the quotes from both are some of the best quotes from the Disney’s universe and Walt Disney himself. There are a few in Minnie that were too cute to pass up from The 3 Musketeers, which you can’t help but admit is a pretty cute movie. I love looking at them together and now I’m counting down the days till my next Disney trip.



Disney Princess Fever

So this week gone my current obsession is turning disney princesses into text. It’s sounds strange and is actually a lot less difficult than I originally image but still a very slow process none the less.

The first step was of course to choose a song that fit the princess. There’s always at least three songs from any Disney Princess movie that will get any Disney fan singing. My first choice was to do Ariel since a friend of mine loves her and she looked the easiest to do. With so much red hair and her green tale, it made for an easier project start. The original photo (below) was my template.

Ariel from the Little Mermaid

After outlining the photo, filling it, converting it to the proper format and deciding on the song (Part of Your World) it was time to get to work. Aligning words seems simple enough but it actually isn’t. That bit of annoyance though, is what’s makes it so much fun for me. It took about an hour to turn the above colored picture into the below photo. Getting the text to fit where i wanted and giving as much detail to the silhouette took the longest but my little mermaid soundtrack playing in the background helped.

Ariel as text in black and white
Ariel as text in black and white

A black and white version of one of Disney more excitable princesses isn’t very fun to look at though. Who would want to hang something so boring on their wall. The final project though is something I’m very proud of and has a spot in my house already picked out.

FInished Ariel, Princess in Text
FInished Ariel, Princess in Text

Isn’t she pretty and so full of color! For a closer look and more Disney princesses, Check out my etsy page RonohDesigns via the etsy box below. Til Next Time!

Thank You Cards for the Memories

It’s impossible to be a graphic designer and not use my talent for my own personal gain. I’m picky at times and I’d feel horrible constantly changing my mind and making someone crazy. This means there’s times I like to edit my own photos (even if they’ve been edited already) or making my own birthday cards. Now I get the chance to design things for my wedding which is even more fun than normal.

There’s a lot of work that goes into wedding planning. If we take away the dress, the decorations, the guest list and even the cake you’re still left with a lot. There’s the invitations, the programs, place cards and thanks you cards. Between the design, the printing,  the shipping and mailing things can start to add up quickly.

What isn’t expensive is a pack of cardstock, office max or a home printer and a little time.

You can get an array of different colors and patterns of cardstock from different place all over the interent or instore. The price ranges from  $5 to $12 for 50 sheets depending on where you get and what colors. Here are two good ones: Paper Presentation (online) and Hobby Lobby (in-store).

EnvelopeTo make the envelope templates are also readily available online. One of my favorites is Creative Blog. The give you a  list of 8 different card and envelope temples.

I chose this envelope style for my thank you cards because I liked the rounded flaps. I created the rose pattern in illustrator and it fit perfectly with the Beauty and The Beast theme of my wedding. Including a place for the address and return address is a quick way to make sure the address are legible and fit on the envelope.

THank youNext comes the card that goes inside the envelope. I wanted mine to match so I used the same rose I chose for the pattern on the envelope to fit nicely on the right side.

Finally I printed both the envelope and thank you card on the same colored cardstock. You can do this at home or bring your paper into Office Max and they will print everything out for you. One piece of cardstock in color is about .70. So for 40 thank you cards it’s 7 dollars, and 28 for the envelopes.  I printed mine at home and they turned out perfectly, so Officemax is only necessary if you want to save a bit of ink.

The final price of homemade thank you cards is between 40 and 47 compared to the average price of 75 dollars plus shipping for ordered ones. Not to mention homemade ones can be made in a day or two.

I chose a tan color and after folding the envelope and cutting out the cards, everything was done and ready to ship!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.19.32 AM

Till next time!

Digital Drawing

So I’ve been playing around with Illustrator a bit lately. It started with trying to see how well I can actually draw. It’s a common misconception that all Graphic Designers can draw. I have a small bit of talent when it comes to the skill but nothing to brag about. What I do like about drawing though is scanning in my sketches and tracing them in Illustrator. I find the easiest way to do this is scan the drawing at a resolution f 300 or more. This darkens the lines and makes it easier for illustrator to trace it. If it’s still not dark enough, I usually pop it into photoshop and up the contrast then the fun begins.

Using different textures, the pen tool and masking layers, it’s quite easy to take a simple sketch and make into something interesting. Illustrator’s trace tool can take some getting use to though. Figuring out how much of a threshold is needed, if it needs more path or noise isn’t very easy some of the time and depends on the photo.

ImageIronically, I’m not a very fashion forward person, at least I don’t think I am. I like what I like even if it’s not necessarily in style. I would wear all of the above sketched items though. I think next time, I’ll try drawing something a little more fun. I’m getting married soon, so maybe I’ll sketch a wedding dress I know I’ll never wear? (Mine is already picked out) =]

Till next time.