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Bowtastic DiyFriday

This week I got tired of my daughter’s bows getting lost in her sock drawer. It’s like the socks refuse to stay on their side!  I’m also always at a lose about what colors she has to match her outfits. So instead of finishing the Vanellope text art I was working on I came up with this instead.

I’m in absolute love with how this turned out, especially since I had no real plan for what I was doing. I literally used leftovers I had in my craft drawers and went from there. If your dying to not pull your hair out anymore looking for bows only you seem to care about, this quick diy only took me maybe an hour (probably could’ve been quicker but Holly wanted to help and who can say no to such a cute face).


  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (Any color you like)
  • Permant contact paper or vinyl
  • Thin Canvas (Mine are from Michaels)
  • Super glue and/or doubleside tape

First I cut the contact paper/vinyl 2 inches bigger all around then my canvas. So an 8×10 canvas needs a 10×12 piece of contact paper/vinyl. Remove the  backing and lay your canvas rough side down on it as center as you can and smooth it out. Make sure you don’t let the edges hanging off stick to your table (or your child). Cut out the corners and fold over the excess to the back of the canvas. Make sure you smooth out any bubbles. 

You can do this next part with super glue or double sided tape. Cut a piece longer than the longest side of your canvas then  simply glue/tape the ribbon excess to the back. I cute mine 4 inches longer and used doubleside tape and a piece of contact paper which holds fine but in the long run, super glue might be better.  Don’t make it too tight! You have to get those bows on there later.  

Now hanging this up was a spark of random genius. I had no idea what i was going to do till I saw Holly with an old hanger than was swiftly taken away, much to her displeasure. I cut off the top part of the hanger and super glued it on and it’s probably my favorite part of this. Just make sure it lays flat when you do it. I cut the edges off except the top and it lays perfectly. 

Then put your bows on and your done! This works great with alligator clip bows but if you have strap ones I’m sure you can loop them through themselves or use clothes pins. It looks great on the wall and now I can find any bow i want in seconds. 


Thank You Cards for the Memories

It’s impossible to be a graphic designer and not use my talent for my own personal gain. I’m picky at times and I’d feel horrible constantly changing my mind and making someone crazy. This means there’s times I like to edit my own photos (even if they’ve been edited already) or making my own birthday cards. Now I get the chance to design things for my wedding which is even more fun than normal.

There’s a lot of work that goes into wedding planning. If we take away the dress, the decorations, the guest list and even the cake you’re still left with a lot. There’s the invitations, the programs, place cards and thanks you cards. Between the design, the printing,  the shipping and mailing things can start to add up quickly.

What isn’t expensive is a pack of cardstock, office max or a home printer and a little time.

You can get an array of different colors and patterns of cardstock from different place all over the interent or instore. The price ranges from  $5 to $12 for 50 sheets depending on where you get and what colors. Here are two good ones: Paper Presentation (online) and Hobby Lobby (in-store).

EnvelopeTo make the envelope templates are also readily available online. One of my favorites is Creative Blog. The give you a  list of 8 different card and envelope temples.

I chose this envelope style for my thank you cards because I liked the rounded flaps. I created the rose pattern in illustrator and it fit perfectly with the Beauty and The Beast theme of my wedding. Including a place for the address and return address is a quick way to make sure the address are legible and fit on the envelope.

THank youNext comes the card that goes inside the envelope. I wanted mine to match so I used the same rose I chose for the pattern on the envelope to fit nicely on the right side.

Finally I printed both the envelope and thank you card on the same colored cardstock. You can do this at home or bring your paper into Office Max and they will print everything out for you. One piece of cardstock in color is about .70. So for 40 thank you cards it’s 7 dollars, and 28 for the envelopes.  I printed mine at home and they turned out perfectly, so Officemax is only necessary if you want to save a bit of ink.

The final price of homemade thank you cards is between 40 and 47 compared to the average price of 75 dollars plus shipping for ordered ones. Not to mention homemade ones can be made in a day or two.

I chose a tan color and after folding the envelope and cutting out the cards, everything was done and ready to ship!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.19.32 AM

Till next time!